Orca Men's Sonar Rental Wetsuit

  • Please confirm your size by referencing the 'specifications' tab. 
  • Please confirm the suit you're interested in is available by REVIEWING THIS CHART.
  • We do not ship suits for rent. In store pickup only.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

The Orca Sonar is a fantastically flexible and forgiving triathlon wetsuit, and is our easiest suit to put on and remove. 

THE SMALL PRINT: Wetsuits must be returned by 12pm to avoid additional day charges.  A Wetsuit picked up after 4pm will not be charged for that day's rental, unless the suit is to be returned the following day before 12pm, at which point the '1 Day Rate' applies. Please return wetsuit clean and dry, taking time to rinse the suit in cold water after use.  A wetsuit must be returned in the same condition as it was picked up. TriTown staff will look over the wetsuit with you at the time of pickup to mark any nicks, tears or damages that the suit may have incurred.  Additional nicks, tears and damages will be charged to the customer as needed at the rate of $10 per incident.  Customer is liable for the full retail replacement cost of the wetsuit if lost or damaged beyond repair.

Note: Wetsuits are more weight than height specific.
5: 134-145lbs | 5'4''-5'8''
6: 147-162lbs | 5'6''-5'9''
MT: 149-167lbs | 5'10''-6'2''
7: 165-180lbs | 5'8''-6'1''
8: 180-196lbs | 5'11''-6'2''
9: 196-213lbs | 6'1''-6'4''
10: 215-233lbs | 6'3''- 6'5''
11: 235+lbs | 6'4''-6'6''
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