Bike Travel Case Rental

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We have your back whenever you need to fly or travel to an event. We offer 3 different cases to help securely transport your bike and gear from A to B. At no extra charge, we provide extra packing material and instructions with your bike case to properly protect your bike from damage. Size, weight, and prices vary to best meet your needs.  

Need help boxing your bike? We will expertly package your bike in a bike case for an additional $60. Add this service to your purchase here.   

Upon return, we recommend you have your bike shipped back to our store, and we can reassemble your bike for our standard shop labor rate of $1.25 per minute. We move quickly, and it usually takes ~30 minutes to reassemble a bike.  

THE SMALL PRINT: We take a lot of pride in our ability to professionally box bikes, and use industry-best methods when packing your bike. But the reality is that something can still happen to your bike in transit. We can't control what a baggage handler does to your bike once it's out of our store. Many airlines open bike boxes and inspect the contents, often rearranging the way we packed your bike. How they put it back together is anyone's guess. When traveling, there is always a chance that your bike can be damaged in transit. We're very sorry if this happens, but please contact your airline or shipping service provider if this happens. 

Velo Safe Original Dimensions/Weight: Interior: 47"L x 15"W x 26"H | Exterior: 51"L x 18"W x 32"H | 35lbs
Velo Safe Original Notes: Fits mtb/road/tri bikes. Room for 1 wheelset plus extra gear. Limited disassembly required.
Velo Safe Compact Dimensions/Weight: Interior: 48"L x 12"W x 32"H | Exterior: 48"L x 12"W x 32"H | 26lbs
Velo Safe Compact Notes: Fits road or tri bike. Room for 1 wheelset plus limited gear. Limited disassembly required.
Clam-Shell Case Dimensions/Weight: (add)
Clam-shell Notes: Fits mtb/road/tri bike. Limited room for extra gear. More disassembly and protective padding required.
Standard Cardboard Box Dimensions/Weight: (road/tri) 51''L x 28''H x 8''W; (mtb) 56''L x 31''H x 9''W | ~10lbs
Cardboard Box Notes: Fits all bikes. Significant disassembly required. No room for extra gear of significance.
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