Profile Design Aeria Ultimate Aerobar

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The Profile Design Aeria aerobar is one of the few "no compromises" aerobars on the market. Many high end aerobars look clean and aero, but at the sacrifice of fit and comfort. This is not case with the Aeria Ultimate.
How do you build a great aerobar? You start by asking advice from industry experts. Athletes, bike fitters, frame designers, and aerodynamicist all provided insight. And the results are impressive. To appreciate this aerobar you need to look at it from a few perspectives:
As an athlete concerned about aerodynamics: all cables integrate within the aerobar and stem. That includes mechanical, hydraulic, or electronic cables.
As an athlete who travels with their bike to races: you'll have no problem disassembling your bike for packing/shipping. Simply remove the stem top cap to pull the stem off the fork. Leaving your brake or derailleur cables a little long helps.
As a bicycle fitterThis bar is more adjustable for the price than any other integrated aerobar on the market that we've come across. No more compromising fit to have a clean front end to your tri bike.
As a bicycle mechanic: we are impressed with the ease of setup (often not the case with integrated aerobars). Large openings for cables made cable routing clean and simple. Profile Design used M6 bolts that are strong, and not prone to stripping, and all bolts are easy to access without the need for special tools.
In short, this is one of the single best upgrades you can make to your bike for the dollar. If you don't already have a 'super bike', this is a way to get there without buying a new bike. With this aerobar, bikes that retail for $2k, will be on par with bikes in the $6k+ category.
Bracket: Aeria Ultimate Forged
Armrest: Profile F40
Stack: 25mm to 105mm (5mm Increments)
Reach: -21mm to 92mm (7.5mm Increments)
Width: 125mm to 252mm (18.5mm Increments)
Extension Length: 230mm to 337mm (Center of Basebar to Tip)
Extension Height: 71mm
Extension Angle: 30° (For T4+ Carbon)
Armrest Rotation:
Bracket Tilt Adjustment: 0-15°
Clamp Diameter : 31.8mm
Color: matte black
Weight: 885g (with Aeria Ultimate stem)
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