X Lab, Turbo Wing, Black

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XLAB was asked many times for a well made, low cost, easy to use, fast rear carrier with versatile storage and they certainly provided! The TURBO WING is the result of an extensive Engineering and Testing program. There are several features on the TURBO that are exclusive to XLAB.

  • 15 positions for EASY REACH
  • Tunnel proven ZERO DRAG in high position
  • Anti-flex design prevents whiplash bottle launching
  • Anti-launch XLAB GORILLA Cages help retain bottles
  • Vibration resistant hardware-Loctite, Lock washers, Nylock nuts
  • MANY OPTIONS including 5 Cages,4 Bags, CO2s, Inflators and Holders for CO2s and Inflators
  • Low position for EASY STEP-OVER 
  • Standard bottles for EASY CLEAN 
  • Holds up to 2 large Water Bottles in optional XLAB GORILLA CAGES 
  • Holds Tubes/Levers in included XLAB X-STRAPS or optional XLAB MINI BAG 
  • Holds Tubular Tire in X-STRAPS or optional XLAB MEZZO BAG 
  • Holds CO2s and XLAB NANOFLATOR in optional XLAB SONIC-NUT. 
  • ZERO DRAG Upper position SAVES 13 secs per 40 km. 
  • ANTI –FLEX design prevents whiplash bottle launching 
  • ONLY 63g ex-hardware 
Alloy Carrier
1 pair of X-Straps
All hardware and instructions


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