Profile Design T2+ Aerobar

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For the dollar, the Profile Design T2+ aerobar is one of the best aerobars on the market. If you're looking to purchase the T2+, chances are you will be mounting them to a road bike. This means you need versatility and adjustability. The T2+ provides all this through the use of the simple and effective J2 bracket. The J2 bracket allows complete adjustability of both the extension, and the armrest itself. This is a significant advantage to any triathlete who may need to experiment with their aero position, and your bike fitter will thank you too. Finally, the J2 bracket comes ready to accept any 31.8mm basebar, but can fit 26mm basebars through the use of provided spacers. 

The T2+ uses the popular 's-bend' extension design. Wind tunnel test have shown that some s-bend aerobars provide a slight aerodynamic advantage over the traditional 'ski-bend' design. The T2's extensions have cable holes along the bottom and top of the extension. Mounting your shifters in the upward direction on s-bends can dramatically improve wrist comfort while in the aero position.  

The T2+ is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, a very versatile aluminum alloy that is strong and durable enough for any triathlon or TT application. The entire aerobar other than the rust resistant bolts are made of 6061-T6 aluminum. The aerobar is shot peened, a process that greatly improves the aerobar's fatigue life. Finally the aerobar is given a durable anodized finish. 

The injection-molded alloy armrest are highly adjustable, with 4 mounting positions and the ability to swivel the armrest in or out as needed. The armrest cusp your forearms well, leaving no chance for your arm to inadvertently slip out during a turn or while hammering hard on the pedals. A subtle downturn at the back of the armrest prevents hotspots from developing on your forearms during long rides. The popular F-19 armrest pads are lycra covered and use velcro straps to stay in place. These pads can be easily removed to wash after long rides. 

Weight: 483 grams 

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