Hang Pro Hanger

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A wetsuit is an investment and should last for years of racing. One of the major factors on wear of a wetsuit is the way it is stored. Improper storage can result in failing tape, ripping seams and poor fit due to stretching.

The HangPro Hanger is the only wetsuit hanger designed to eliminate shoulder wear and fatigue and significantly reduce overall fabric stress. These hangers let you easily hang your wetsuit by the waist and have a very wide curved edge the suit hangs from to ensure it’s not damaged. This hanger is very sturdy and was designed to hold the weight of a wetsuit plus the extra weight of any water when wet. A unique open-end design makes hanging easy.Another advantage is that the suit dries faster folded since the water only has to travel half way down instead of the entire length of the suit

The HangPro, made in the USA, is constructed of 100% recycled ABS plastic and even the label is 100% recycled paper.


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