Blueseventy W's Fusion Full Wetsuit

The Blueseventy Fusion provides a lot of value and performance for the price. While many suits in the sub-$300 price range sacrifice flexibility and quality when compared to higher-priced suits, the Fusion maintains many of the important features needed to create a great swimming wetsuit, while removing some of the more expensive features that may not provide much of an improvement in performance for your dollar. 
A good wetsuit should do 3 things: keep you warm, improve your buoyancy, and decrease your drag in the water. Maintaining warmth starts with the rubber, and the Fusion uses the best rubber in the world- Yamamoto.  Yamamoto rubber is sourced from limestone, which by nature is highly stretchy and water resistant, making it superior for triathlon use when compared to oil based rubber. Nitrogen gas fills the closed cells within the neoprene itself, providing extra buoyancy and insulation. The outside of the suit is treated with Yamamoto's SCS (Super Composite Skin). This water-resistant coating significantly reduces the suit's drag, making it even easier for you to cut through the water. 
The Fusion is designed to provide extra buoyancy in the legs and hips, helping to correct body alignment issues common with beginner swimmers. This buoyancy is provided by 4mm neoprene through the legs and hips, tapering to 3mm in the chest. The lats and arms receive a svelte 1.5mm of rubber. You'll hardly notice the rubber while swimming, helping to improving your 'feel' of the water. Finally, the inside of the suit's arms are lined with Blueseventy's A-Flex jersey. This orange jersey greatly improves the suit's flexibility, and makes removal of the suit even easier. The forearms receive the same textured A-Grip panels found on the Reaction
Like all Blueseventy suits, the Fusion was designed with ease-of-removal in mind. The sturdy YKK zipper is easy to find with its lanyard secured by smooth velcro to the back of the lowered collar. The A-Flex jersey lives up to its reputation, allowing the suit to almost slide off the arms. The lower legs taper to a thin 2mm, and are lined with the A-Flex jersey to help keep your transition times low. 
Overall, the Fusion swims beautifully, is durable, and fits well. The Fusion does not use some of the latest features found on the Blueseventy Helix, but the Fusion holds its own as a well priced suit for any triathlete who wants a great suit for their dollar. 

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