2015 Felt B14

The Felt B14 brings aerodynamic performance to a new level of affordability. Felt began with their UHC Performance MMC carbon fiber frame combined with their Aero UHC Performance fork with carbon fiber blades and aluminum steerer. What Felt use to call their DA-series frame is now their B-series, but at an even more obtainable price. 

Some of the key frame highlights are the simple and clean cable routing- easily compatible with either a mechanical or electronic drivetrain. Felt hides the rear brake behind the bottom bracket- something we're not always fond of, but Felt does this so well and the brake modulation is so precise that we have no complaints. Nice touches are two water bottle cage mounts on the frame- something any long course triathlete will appreciate on a hot day. 

The B14 comes stock with the enviable Bayonet 3 aerobar. Hands down no bike company in the world makes an aerobar as good as Felt. The Bayonet 3 is incredible: you can literally adjust this bar to your heart's content, and is possibly the only stock aerobar on the market in which you can truly pedestal the armrest above the basebar to obtain a higher armrest position. This not only raises the armrest up, but the aero-extensions as well, making for a much more comfortable position.  

Felt makes a wise choice by using Shimano Ultegra 11-speed derailleurs combined with Shimano chain, cassette, FSA Omega crank, and Microshift shifters. By mixing the components Felt is able to provide almost the same level of shifting and drivetrain perfection that a pure Shimano Ultegra 6800 group would provide, but at a fraction of the cost. The FSA Omega crank gets the job done, but would be a logical upgrade if the budget allows. 

The Felt TTR4 wheels add further aerodynamic advantage not typically found at this price point. They are not the lightest wheels out there, but provide a consistent performance and will hold up for years of training and racing. 

As a starter triathlon bike you simply cannot go wrong with the B14. It would also serve great as a bike to upgrade over time- the DA style frame is one of the most tried and trued frames on the market. Felt states on their B14 webpage: "You simply can't find a more aerodynamic bike at this price." We second that and would add, "You simply can't find a better triathlon bike at this price."  

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