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The Reaction has been Blueseventy's best selling suit for years, and for good reason. The suit is made of Yamamoto neoprene- a nitrogen gas blown closed cell rubber sourced from limestone. Limestone rubber is by nature highly stretchy and water resistant, making it superior for triathlon use when compared to oil based rubber. The nitrogen gas fills the closed cells within the neoprene itself, helping to further insulate the suit from the cold water.  Finally, this high quality neoprene is coated with Yamamoto's patented Super Composite Skin (SCS), a hydrophobic coating that makes the suit incredibly resistant to drag. Finally, the inside of the suit's arms, legs, and chest are lined with Blueseventy's A-Flex jersey. This orange jersey greatly improves a suit's flexibility, and makes removal of the suit even easier. 

A suit made of Yamamoto neoprene is not that unusual. What makes the Reaction stand out from the rest is the thoughtful paneling and cut of the suit itself. While lesser suits may be a universal thickness from the legs through the chest, the Reaction varies in thickness throughout. The legs are 4mm thick, with only 2mm of rubber behind the knees to improve range of motion and reduce chafing. The hips, abdomen, and lower back receive the maximum amount of rubbered allowed for a triathlon suit at 5mm, which helps to maintain body position while rolling to breathe and when flat in the water. The specially designed VO2 chest panel is the most noticeable change over Reactions of years past. This 3mm chest panel has two 4mm side panels to maintain an even body position in relation to the legs. The chest panel is also lined with the A-Flex jersey, resulting in a suit that fits skin tight but is still easy to breath in. The arms are highly flexible at only 1.5mm thick, giving complete range of motion and wonderful 'feel' of the water. Finally, the Reaction's collar is one of the lowest we've ever seen, improving comfort and reducing the likelihood of chafing. 

Swimming in a Reaction will make even the most timid swimmers feel confident. You'll immediately notice the improved body position and freedom of movement through the arms and chest. Though warmth is subjective, the Reaction has regularly kept us warm in water temperatures below 60 degrees. At these temps we do recommend you consider the Blueseventy Swim Cap and Booties, though not all swimmers will require these items. 
Though all suits are somewhat tricky to put on, the Reaction could not be easier to remove. The sturdy YKK zipper is easy to find with its lanyard secured by smooth velcro to the back of the collar. The A-Flex jersey lives up to its reputation, allowing the suit to almost slide off the body. A high cut along the back of the ankle helps ease removal even further. Liquid tape along the seams of the lower legs allows the legs to be cut down to promote even easier removal.
Overall, the Blueseventy Reaction is a feature-rich suit that swims like a suit that costs twice as much. We suspect it will continue to be a best seller for years to come. Check out our sizing chart for sizing information. 

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