Winter Challenge Logistical Questions

Q. Will there be a relay option for participants? 

A. Teams of 2 or 3 will be allowed. A racer who starts a leg of the event must finish that leg. e.g. If you start the bike leg you must finish the entire bike leg, you cannot do 1 bike lap, then have your teammate do the next bike lap, etc. 

Q. As a relay participants how do I transfer my race number to the next team member?

A. We recommend using a race number belt that you easily take off and hand to the next racer. 

Q. How long will it take to complete the Winter Challenge?

A. Last year's winning time was about 1 hour. The last participant finished in 3 hours. The average finishing time was around 1 hour and 40minutes. 

Q. How many aid stations and what will be provided?

A. Only 1 aid station will be on course, but racers will pass this aid station 6 times during the course of the event. Approximately every 2km you will pass the aid station. Water, sports drink, and energy food will be provided. 

Q. When will the Nordic Lodge open on race morning?

A. The lodge will be open by 7am, two hours before the start of the race. The lodge has bathrooms and a large waiting area.

Q. Where do I park for the event? Will parking be a problem?

A. There is a large parking lot adjacent to the Nordic Lodge.  Sometimes during the winter this lot can get packed, resulting in a short walk to the lodge (less than 200 yards). The 9am start time for the race means that the race will actually start before the rest of the mountain is open for business, so Winter Challenge racers should get prime parking. Nonetheless, it's never a bad idea to allow a few extra minutes in your morning plans for parking and transportation.

Q. How long does it take to drive to Bogus Basin from Boise?

A. Without heavy traffic and assuming no ice is on the road, the drive takes approximately 30min if starting from the start of Bogus Basin Road. If you're leaving from Downtown Boise the total driving time in ideal conditions is about 40 minutes. Slow moving traffic or poor road conditions (ice/snow/etc) can make the drive much longer. We estimate that you should allow 45min to drive up to Bogus. 

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