Winter Challenge General Questions

Q. This year's edition of the Winter Challenge is also the Winter Triathlon National Championship! What does that mean for me as a competitor? 

A. Well, it could mean a lot or it could mean nothing at all! The first thing to know is that you do not need to qualify to compete in this year's event- it will still be the fun and relaxed atmosphere event you fell in love with last year. You can still expect fun costumes, high fives, great music and awesome food just like before. If by chance you happen to be pretty darn good at running, biking, and skiing, then there is also a good chance that you could be crowned as a Winter Triathlon National Champion in your age category! 

Q. How is the race changing this year in lieu of being the National Championship Winter Triathlon? 

A. There are a few key changes we are making to this year's event to make sure it provides a true National Championship experience:

     - Online race registration through imAthlete.

     - Race day timing 

     - Additional course marking and fencing

     - Relocating the transition area to the Nordic Lodge's parking lot to open up more room for transition racks

     - 5 year age group categories (as opposed to 10 year age groups)

     - Special 'Winter Triathlon National Championship' awards to overall and age group podium finishers. 

Q. Where is packet pickup and at what time? 

A. Packet pickup is at TriTown on Thursday, Feb 26- Friday, Feb 27 from 10am until 6pm.