Winter Challenge Course Maps

4km Run Course (1 lap):

The Winter Challenge starts with the run. The race starts about 150 meters up the trail from the Nordic Lodge. Racers will head out on the 'Nordic Highway' and be directed to stay to the left of the Nordic Highway except to pass another racer. Racers run the Nordic Highway until they reach the left hand turn onto the 'Redtail Extension' trail approximately 2km out. The run is flat on the way out, but be prepared for short and steep hills for the 2km back to the transition area. (click the map for a more detailed view) 

Winter Challenge at Bogus Run Course

15k Bike Course (3 laps):

Just like the run course, the bike course heads out from the Nordic Center onto the Nordic Highway, except racers will be directed to the right side of the Highway during the bike leg. Racers follow the Nordic Highway until they reach the right hand turn onto 'Sappers', approximately 2km out from transition. Like the run, the bike is flat on the way out, but short and steep hills await cyclist on the way back. Once off the Nordic highway and onto 'Sappers' cyclist can use the entire width of the trail. Racers will complete 3 loops of the bike course. (click the map for a more detailed view) 

IMPORTANT: Idaho Skier Statue does not allow bikers on nordic or alpine trails. The Winter Challenge at Bogus has special permission to use the trails for the day of the event only. Please show respect for Bogus Basin and the nordic skiers who use the trails everyday by not pre-riding the bike course during the winter months. 

Winter Challenge at Bogus Bike Course

8km Freestyle Ski Course (2 laps): 

After the bike leg, athletes will transition to their skiing gear and complete 2 loops of the ski course. Most athletes will choose to skate ski, but classic skis are permitted if desired. The ski course is the run course in reverse. Soon after leaving transition, racers will take a slight left hand turn off the Nordic Highway onto 'Redtail', and ski the challenging Redtail trail until it intersects the Nordic Highway again approximately 2km out. Racers then take the Nordic Highway back towards the transition area, taking a hard right hand turn back onto the start of the Redtail Trail to begin the second and final lap. After completing the final lap, racers will cross the finish line next to the Nordic Lodge. (click the map for a more detailed view) 

Winter Challenge at Bogus Ski Course

Start/Finish/Transition Flow: 

The groomed staging area adjacent to the Bogus Basin Nordic Center will be the location for the transition area, but the actual start and finish line will be approximately 150 meters further up the trail. Racers will have extra motivation from the crowd as they'll pass by their friends and family 8 times!  This area will see a lot of action on race day, and the flow of traffic in and out of the transition area is critical. Racers will be given clear instructions on how to enter and exit the transition area during the race and in their race packets.

The map below shows the flow of the run/bike/ski legs through this critical area:

Winter Challenge Flow Map