TriTown Triathlon Ambassador Team

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Here at TriTown we are fortunate to have worked with and helped trained a wide variety of triathletes, cyclist, runners, and swimmers. From professionals to amateurs, world champions to first-timers, we have worked with them all. As the group has grown and developed, it is amazing to watch how fit and fast the athletes have become- a great reward for all the hard work these athletes have put in. The one downside to these athletes becoming so fit is that the brand new athletes- those first-timers if you will, are at risk of feeling left out. This is where the Ambassador Team members shine.  We reached out to some of the most friendly and helpful triathletes we could think of, and recruited their help in guiding the training of those athletes that are just getting started in triathlon. If you show up for a TriTown sponsored workouts (and there are over 7 of them per week), an Ambassador Team member will be present to help with the basics of group riding, trail running, open water swimming, or whatever else you may need help with for that workout. 


The 2014 TriTown Triathlon Ambassador Team: