Triathlon Training

Triathlon training is often construed as being quite complicated, with the average athlete being bombarded with information and advice almost daily.   In actuality, there are many effective and simple ways to racing faster.  At TriTown, we specialize in individualizing training to meet your needs.  We look to maximize your training time with focused workouts that are balanced appropriately in duration and intensity.  In addition to personalized coaching, we also offer a variety of group training and clinics.   Below you’ll find a selection of training services to fit most athletes and any budget.

Private Coaching:

For the athlete who is looking for the extra edge and understands the benefits of personalized schedules and attention.   We offer a variety of personal coaching and training services to meet the unique skill and financial needs of all athletes.  Learn more here.

Daily Group Workouts:

Our free group workouts have proven effective for many athletes, including World 70.3 qualifyers, Kona Ironman qualifiers and podium finishes at local and World-level events!  Our weekly workouts are structured, fun, challenging workouts but not tailored for you individually.  A great way meet other like-minded triathletes and learn all the best training routes in the Boise area.   Check out our weekly schedule here, and signup for our free training log to begin recording your athletic progress.

Group Training Programs:

TriTown provides a variety of beginner-focused triathlon training programs throughout the season. For the 2015 season, TriTown will offer a FREE beginner-oriented group training plans for the Boise 70.3 and the Emmett Triathlon. For details regarding the Boise 70.3 training plan please click here

Just looking for advice?

Great! Just stop by the store- everyone who works at TriTown is a triathlete and loves to talk triathlon. We'll talk with you about your training or goals and offer whatever help we can free of charge. Here is a great example provided by Coach Harold after a triathlete asked how to deal with the exceptionally cold water at the Boise 70.3:


The great running coach Frank Horwill once said:

“If you like running, you will like it more if you get better at it. This requires leaving no stone unturned. Be able to say 20 years hence, “You know, I gave running my best shots. I surprised myself. I achieved what I thought I would never achieve – I felt I had done something special.”’