Training and Physical Prep Questions

Q. I don't know how to Nordic ski, but still want to do the race. Where can I learn? 

A. Bogus Basin Ski Resort offers a great beginners package called the Passport Program. It includes 4 lessons (2x skate, 2x classic), rentals for the season, and a season pass all for $125. It is an absolute insane deal that is available to anyone who has never purchased a Nordic Pass at Bogus Basin before. 

Q. Is there a fitness program specific for this race that I could follow? 

A. Yes, we (TriTown) offer Private Coaching and can put together a customized training plan for you. If you don't want to go the custom route, there will also be a generic training program available soon (available starting in (December). We also offer free group training throughout the winter that would be great preparation for the event.

Finally, Idaho Nordic is a well organized and developed club in town to host regular workouts and training for Nordic skiers. We highly recommend training with them to make sure you're more than prepared for the Winter Challenge.