Saddle Demo Program

Finding your ideal saddle can be an expensive and arduous task.  Maybe you’ve been told the only way to know if a bicycle saddle works for you is to “Buy and Try”.  At TriTown, we understand the difficulty in finding this ideal saddle, which is why we developed our Saddle Demo Program.  

    How To Find Your Perfect Saddle

    We start all saddle fits on our EXIT Fit Bike. This is a highly adjustable sizing cycle allowing us to quickly and simply simulate a bicycle position close to how you usually ride. Attached to this Fit Bike is a very clever device called the SwitchIt, allowing us to switch a saddle out in less than 5 seconds and adjust the tilt of the saddle even faster than that. Though we always explain the differences from one saddle to the next, we find only way to know if a saddle will work for you is to let your butt decide! When you think you've found a winner we'll help you properly install and setup your demo saddle for no extra charge.  

    How the Pricing Works

    • For $5, try any saddle we sell for 5 days.
    • Purchase any saddle from us and we return all your demo fees.
      • We also offer a 1 month cash back or 3 month in-store credit return policy on any saddle we sell.