Race Wheel Rentals

We are proud to rent the widest selection of race wheels in Idaho. For 2017, we have a selection of HED Jet+ carbon fiber race wheels: ranging from 40mm deep to full disc wheels. These wheels are light, durable, easy to install/remove, and make a significant difference in your average riding speeds. 


$150 for Wednesday through Tuesday. $10 per day is charged for each additional day past one week. Renting the wheels for a shorter period of time does not drop the rental fee.

You can reserve your wheels in person at the store, or call 208-297-7943, or email antonio@tritownboise.com. All reservations require a full down payment that is refundable with 48hr notice.


 Jet 4 pic Jet 6 pic Jet 9 pic
HED Jet 4+ Set
HED Jet 6+ Set
HED Jet 9+ Set
HED Jet 9+ Front/ Jet+ Disc Rear
Tires: Vittoria Corsa G Tires: Vittoria Corsa G Tires: Vittoria Corsa G Tires: Vittoria Corsa
Tubes: Vittoria Latex Tubes: Vittoria Latex Tubes: Vittoria Latex Tubes: Vittoria Latex
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We use HED Jet+ wheels due to their fantastic overall performance, light weight, wide rim profile (25mm wide), and best-in-class braking performance. HED has been a major player in the wheel market for decades, and continues to produce some of the world's best wheels right here in the USA.

Our wheels are setup with some of the best racing tires in the industry- 23mm Vittoria Graphene Corsa Clinchers with Vittoria latex tubes. This tire and tube combination is incredibly fast and versatile while providing the best balance of low rolling and puncture resistance. Though the perfect air pressure is subjective, we recommend running the wheels at 90-100psi. This provides a smooth and fast ride quality. The result is a huge race-day advantage.


Wheel rental period is Wednesday-Tuesday. Wheels must be returned by 12pm Tuesday. Renting the wheels for a shorter period of time does not drop the rental fee. The rental period can be extended at a rate of $10 per day. Your rental includes: the wheel set, tires, tubes, and installation of your cassette and wheel set onto your bicycle.

Some 'super bikes' require the removal of certain components to install brake pads or to adjust the brake pad width. Tri Town will charge the renter the standard shop rate of $1 per minute up to a total of $20 if this additional labor is required. This fee will be added on top of the standard rental rate. 

While in possession of race wheels the renter is 100% responsible for the wheel's condition and care. Damage will be assessed upon return and renter will be billed up to the full replacement value of the wheel. This includes but is not limited to damaged rims, spokes, hubs, tires and tubes. Normal rim and tire wear is acceptable and will not be billed to the renter. 

Please fill out our RENTAL AGREEMENT AND LIABILITY WAIVER before picking up your wheels.