Triathlon and Endurance Sports Coaching

Our coaching staff can help you reach your goals, whether that be to finish first, or simply to finish.  We've worked with all types of athletes- from professionals, to age group world champions, to the first-time triathletes training for the local sprint triathlon. Please read below for details on all our coaching services: 

PRIVATE COACHING: $150 per month +$100 initial startup fee

Our private training programs has helped hundreds of triathletes reach their goals. We use a blend of tools and decades of experience to help guide you to the starting line in your best possible condition. Private coaching is great for goal-focused athletes or anyone who is time constrained and appreciates specific, individualized workouts based on their  personal goals, availability to train, strengths, and weaknesses. 

After an extensive interview and variety of baseline testing, privately coached athletes receive a personalized season schedule built out to their goal race. Baseline blood lactate testing is recommended to help determine accurate training zones and help quantify future fitness gains (see our lactate threshold testing page for more details). 

Athletes receive daily workouts through our Training Peaks account- where we can efficiently communicate the objective, duration, and distance of each workout. Training Peaks makes it easy to analyze workout data and allows for the athlete to provide post-workout feedback for their coach. 

Additionally, all privately coached athletes have full access to all of our group Club Workouts (requires a full YMCA membership). Training solo has its value, but nothing provides a sense of camaraderie and motivation like working out with fellow triathletes.

The process we use to coach our athletes is successful time and time again because it does not follow just one single approach to triathlon success. We recognize that you are unique, with individual strengths and weaknesses. Our coaching process is designed to maintain and improve your strengths, and develop your weaknesses, and ultimately prepare you mentally and physically for your racing season.  


The Tri Town Endurance Club is a great way to build your foundation of fitness while refining your swimming, biking, and running skills. All Club workouts have a coach on hand to guide you through the workout and provide intensity, technique and equipment advice.

Our Endurance Club utilizes the Downtown YMCA's computrainer studio and pool, and requires that all Club members also be YMCA members to participate. The YMCA offers the best facility in Boise for the endurance athlete, as well as additional amenities that make the triathletes life easier like optional bicycle storage and day care. Learn more about the YMCA here

By joining the Club, you'll meet fellow athletes with a similar passion, push yourself harder than ever before, and lets be honest… suffering is so much easier when it's done with good company! 

If you're interested in just trying out the club before joining, just ask us about a few free Club Workout Passes, and view our Club and Community Workout Calendar to see what workouts are scheduled this month.  

Price (month)                                                 
Full Club Membership (swim/bike/run workouts) $100
- Swim Only Membership $30
- Bike Only Membership $50
- Run Only Membership $20
- Drop In Fee $10



Hey, we get it- some people don't want a coach, but still want to throw down a good workout with fellow athletes. For years we've hosted regular workouts throughout the year that are free to attend. All Community Workouts have a clear focus and workout goal, but are not coached to the same level as our Club and Private sessions are. These are all 'drop' sessions (aka No Hard Feelings), and we recommend that you view the route maps on our workout calendar before showing up or come a little early to get acquainted with workout format. 

How do I get started?

We’re excited to work with you and help you reach your goals.  To get started, simply stop by the store, or contact us by phone at 208-297-7943 or email to set up an initial interview.

For athletes that are ready to get going, please read and complete our release form: TRI TOWN RELEASE OF LIABILITY

Whoa, this sounds too intense for me!
Hey, it’s okay! We understand that not everyone is trying to win their age group or qualify for Kona.  We just love to talk about anything related to exercise, and if you have any questions about how to prepare for your next event just stop on by the store and we’ll answer your questions as best we can. You may also check out our popular Group Training Programs- they're a great way to get started and offer a lot of the same benefits of private coaching.