New Bike Owners

Congratulations on purchasing your new bike- and thank you for allowing us to help you reach your health and fitness goals! No doubt you still have some questions on how to best use and maintain this beautiful machine. We've put together and offer some great resources to help anyone from the first time bike owners to the professional racer. 


We hope that your new bike marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life- both with cycling itself and with us as partners trying to help you reach your goals and live your dreams. More than anything, we value our relationship with our customers, and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and equipment. If for any reason your equipment does not meet your expectations we will do everything in our power to make it right. Simple stop by and tell us the problem, or call our owner Antonio Gonzalez directly at 208-297-7943. 


We carefully chose every item found in our store, and sell some of the best equipment in the industry, but even so things can sometimes go wrong. If you happen to have an issue with your equipment please don't hesitate to bring it in so we can make things right. Your bike is covered by a variety of manufacturer and Tri Town warranties, so depending upon the issue we will fix it, replace it, or help you purchase a replacement at a discounted price. 


By purchasing a bike at Tri Town your bike is by default registered through our store, and that guarantees your bicycle frame and parts are secure under warranty for the duration of the frame or parts manufacturer warranty period. With that said, it is still a great idea to register your bike with the Boise Police Department to add a layer of protection in the case of theft. 

Register Your Bike with the BPD


    During the first year that you own your new bike, we gladly handle all tune-ups and adjustments as needed for your bicycle. We recommend you bring your bike in at least once after about a couple weeks of riding for us to inspect the bike after its initial break-in period, and then again at the end of the first year for a complete overhaul. This first year 'no questions asked' tune-up warranty can be extended by an additional two years for only $200 more. Please see our Extended Service Warranty page for more details. We highly recommended purchasing this extended service warranty for any athlete who rides regularly- it only takes about 2 tune-ups to break even. You can also purchase your service contract after the end of your first year of bicycle ownership (when your original service contract expires). 

    Overall a bicycle is a pretty simple machine, but understanding how it operates and how to perform basic maintenance can be overwhelming at times. To help you better understand your bike, we offer regular maintenance classes throughout the season. Our basic classes are free, and more advanced classes for people who want a more detailed understanding of their bike are only about the cost of a standard tune up. We highly recommend you attend at least the free course to better understand your bike. 

    Our service bay is known for working on some of the best and most highly regarded bicycles in the industry, but we love and work on all bicycles. If you happen to have other bikes at home that need a little TLC please bring them in and we'll gladly help get those bikes up and running for you too. Check out our repair services page for more details. 


    We pride ourselves in being the most experienced and recognized triathlon fitters in the valley. We have invested in the equipment to provide services that no other shops have, including a fit bikes, quick saddle changers, and the education to use these tools correctly while understanding the variety of fitting protocols throughout the industry. Our fit methodology is not from any one 'school' or takes any one approach- we have cultivated our own method of fitting that takes into account the countless variables at play between the rider and the bicycle. 

    As part of your new bike purchase we have fit you and confirmed the bike is the right size and in the best position to help start you on your cycling journey. With that said, your fit may change over time, and if you are new to cycling your fit may change dramatically in the first year or so of riding. We do not charge for any follow-up fitting work if you have purchased a bike from us, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you feel like you would like us to review your cycling position. Also, please see our bicycle fitting page to better understand all the fitting services we provide. 


    Your new bike is a great step in the right direction to exploring new roads, building better endurance, and understanding yourself more as an athlete. If you don't want to tackle your training or racing goals by yourself, we have dedicated coaches on staff to help you become the most complete athlete you can be. All of our coaches are USA Triathlon Certified and committed athletes themselves. Learn more about training and coaching options here

    Maybe individual coaching is a little more than you're ready for right now, but you still want to workout with other athletes- we host regular group workouts during the summer months that are free to attend and also post the workout schedules of some of the best clubs in town on our training calendar. Check it out to help get more connected with the local endurance community. 


    Triathlon is an equipment heavy sport, but the good news is that most of the equipment can last many years when appropriately maintained. If you're new to triathlon the equipment requirements can be a bit overwhelming, so we've put together a basic checklist for you to help clarify what most triathletes end up needing/using at one time or another. 


    So you reviewed the list above and are thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of stuff!" The good news is that you don't need to own all of it- we can help you with wetsuit, race wheels, triathlon/road/mountain/cruiser bikes and even travel bike boxes. If you plan on racing only a few times per year renting is a great way to save money and still use some of the best gear on the market. Check out our rental page for more details.