Bicycle Extended Service Contract

At Tri Town we pride ourselves on not only the quality of bikes we sell, but also the quality of service we provide to keep these amazing machines on the road and rolling smooth. On every bike we sell we include a Free 1 Year Service Contract with the purchase of your bike that covers all adjustments, repairs, and tune ups needed within that first year of use. Many of our customers love the peace of mind and convenience of their service period, and now you can extend that service period by 2 additional years for $200 (slightly more than one Iron Overhaul tune up).

This policy includes NO CHARGE SERVICE COVERAGE on the following items:

- unlimited tune ups 
- brake and derailleur adjustments 
- wheel truing and spoke replacement 
- parts installation (either purchased from TriTown or elsewhere).  
- flat repair labor 
- labor for installing cables or housing 
- degreasing of drivetrain parts
- cleaning and polishing of the frame

This policy does not include the following:

- parts of any kind. 
- repairs for parts damaged in an accident or from misuse. 

You can purchase your Extended Service Contract here or in the store. For further questions please contact us at 208.297.7943. 

*This policy is available to the original owner only and is not transferable.