Lactate Threshold Testing

$150 for Bike and Run Test, or $100 Each

Lactate threshold testing is one of the best services we offer athletes right here at the store. Blood lactate testing is used by many of the world’s leading athletes to precisely determine appropriate training zones and gauge changes in fitness in addition to determining maximum fat-burning zones and perfect race-pacing.

After conducting either a bike or run lactate test, we can recommend your ideal training zones in terms of heart rate, power, and pace. This is the most precise and accurate way to follow your training program. We also have you complete a swim test so we can determine your swim zones too (not blood lactate). After your test we sit down with you and review the results and explain in thorough detail how to use this information to reach your racing goals. Additionally, you receive a complete recording of your results, as well as all your training zones graphed out for you in detail for swimming, biking, and running. 

How Does The Test Work?

A small amount of blood is extracted from an athlete’s finger while performing a bicycle or run test.   Heart rate, pace, and power are recorded during the test, with the results graphed afterwards. Once your results are processed, we can recommend your ideal training zones in terms of heart rate, power, and pace. This is a great way to start off your season, and is a regular part of the training process of our privately coached athletes

Scheduling Your Lactate Threshold Test

A single lactate threshold test takes approximately 1 hour per test. If you'd like to conduct a bike and run lactate threshold test we'll have you test on separate days, typically with about 48 hours between test. Please come dressed as if you're going to do a normal bike or run workout- depending upon your test. Eat a normal pre-workout meal two to three hours before your test.

To schedule your test, please email or call 208-297-7943 to schedule your test over the phone. 

“I knew when I left TriTown that the LT testing was going to be a great investment.  The value of the testing and the recommendations you made for me have made a tremendous difference in my training.  I’m fully healed, have dropped about 10lbs, and am already faster in all three sports than at any time last year.” Scott S.  2012.

(The image above is an example of an athlete's calculated running HR Zones based on a blood lactate test. The purple line shows a significant drop in HR for comparable speeds after 1 month of focused training at appropriate intensities.)