Dawn Muhlestein

Name: Dawn Muhlestein (Privately Coached Athlete)

Hometown: Ogden, UT

How'd you catch the triathlon bug? I could run and bike, figured I better learn to swim and do triathlons. That was 13 years ago.

What's your favorite workoutTrail runs

Do you have a favorite race or triathlon memoryGetting a drafting penalty at the Ogden Triathlon in 2006, cause it meant I was close enough to the front to be worth giving a penalty to.

What races do you have planned for the seasonSt. George 70.3 and IM Coeur d'Alene

What do you do when you're not training? Sleep. After sleeping in, I ski, hike, and backpack with my family.

What's something people may not know about you

Anything else you'd like to addSpecial thanks to Antonio, a long time ago he was kind enough to let this slow/new triathlete tag along on some rides and never made me feel like I was too slow. It's part of the reason I'm still racing.