Bicycle Repair

TriTown specializes in triathlon and road bike repair, we also offer complete maintenance and repair services on most bicycles. We understand that each service or repair need is unique, and strive to offer the best balance of mechanical perfection and cost effectiveness.

Our quality of service is well known throughout the valley, and is due to a well designed system we've created to guarantee high quality service time and time again from all of our mechanics. We utilize a checklist system on every bike we tune, and have our mechanics sign off on their work- this results in pride of service and consistency. When working on your equipment our mechanics have been trained to address first and foremost the primary problems you have been experiencing, but our mechanics also look for issues that you may not have caught or may become a problem further down the road. Our service manager then double checks every bike that comes in our doors. You are called and emailed when your bike is complete, and we keep an electronic record of your bike service for future reference. Despite all the extra time and attention to detail that goes into each bike we can still typically turn around most tune ups in 2-3 days. 

Still don't feel completely confident in our mechanic services? Well, to add a little extra piece of mind, all of our Tune-Ups come with a 30-day service warranty*. If you have any problems with the work we performed we'll fix the problem promptly and without charge.  

Do you train and race regularly? We're racers too, and during the racing season you should be riding your bike, not waiting on it.  To help get you back on the road quickly, you can schedule an appointment to guarantee same-day service on most repairs.  Please call 208-297-7943 to schedule your service.

The extent of repairs we can perform and mechanical services we offer are too vast to list.  Below is a chart of our most popular tune ups (current as of 2016):

Inspect Chain Wear x x x x
Adjust Derailleurs x x x x
Adjust Brakes x x x x
True Wheels x x x x
Adjust Hubs x x x x
Overhaul Hubs x
Adjust Bottom Bracket x x x
Overhaul Bottom Bracket x
Torque Stem/H-Bar x x x x
Components Torque to Spec x x x x
Saddle/Post Torque to Spec x x x x
Tire Inspect and Inflate x x x x
Frame Polish/Wax x x x x
Install New Drivetrain Parts No Extra Charge x x
Install New Cables/Housing for Price of Parts Only x
Professional Drivetrain Clean/Degrease x x
Hand-Clean Drivetrain Components Only (none) x (professional) (professional)
New Handlebar Tape Included x
Extensive Test Ride x x x x
Service Manager Double Check x x x x
Price (Trad. Road/Tri/MTB) $50 $60 $100 $160
Price (Bike w/Internal Cabling/Hidden Brake) $60 $70 $115 $180


*30 Day Service Warranty:  We will honor any work we conduct on your bicycle for a period of 30 days after the work was performed, regardless of how many miles you put on the bike during the warranty period.   The warranty does not include damage due to a crash or abuse to the bicycle.