Triathlon and Road Bicycle Fitting

At TriTown, we feel your position on the bike is more important than the bicycle itself.  Through years of training, education, and real life experience with thousands of triathletes, TriTown has developed a unique fitting process and philosophy that has proven to be effective time and time again. Your fit starts with a thorough interview to determine your goals, expectations, flexibility, limitations and riding style.  We use a few of the best fitting tools available today, including an EXIT Fit Bike, a SwitchIt saddle changer, a Varicrank to experiment with different crank arm lengths, and video capture technology. Though the tools are helpful in finding your perfect balance of comfort, aerodynamics, and power, we still feel that the best thing we offer is our experience built over 10+ years of fitting triathletes on an almost daily basis. 


Your Professional Fit starts with an interview, while your bicycle is mounted to a Computrainer to assist with the fitting process.  We then take a variety of measurements of both you and your bicycle.  Video is taken to analyze your riding posture and style. Depending upon how far off from ideal your position may be, we often continue the fit on our fitting bike to assist in making quick and easy adjustments to your position. A thorough cleat fit is the start to all good fits, and significant time and attention is spent dialing in your cleat position (see cleat fit info below). Through a systematic approach we then make the appropriate changes to all your key contact points with the bicycle to maximize power and efficiency while maintaining comfort and stability. We also use this time to experiment with different crank lengths and to try out a variety of different saddles. Once your ideal position is found on the fit bike, we transfer that position over to your current bicycle (as close as your bicycle allows). After updating your position, final video is made to fine tune any improvements.  All measurements and changes are documented and kept on file for future reference.   If you purchase a bicycle from us we include a Professional Fit as part of your purchase.  A triathlon or road bicycle fit takes approximately 1.5-2hrs.


By using our EXIT Fit bike, we can replicate the fit of any bicycle on the market by referencing a manufacturer's published geometry data. We have a deep selection of aerobars and saddles to mimic the feel of most bikes on the market. This is a particularly great process to go through before special ordering a bicycle, and your fitting fee is applied directly to the purchase of a new bike from us. If you decide to purchase a bike somewhere else (either new or used), we can complete the fit on your new bike for an additional $50 (includes everything in the Professional Fit).  New bike sizing takes approximately 1.5 hours. 


TriTown can help you properly setup your cleats to avoid injury and optimize comfort and power. We take into consideration your cycling goals, natural stance, riding style, foot varus/valgus, foot size, shoe size and model, and pedal model when setting up your cleats. Adjustments include cleat fore/aft adjustment, medial/lateral adjustment, wedging (when needed), and cleat rotation. A cleat fit is included as part of our Professional Fit, but not part of the 'New Bike Sizing Fit'. Cleat Fitting takes approximately 1 hour.

How to prepare for a bike fit:

Though we take care of most of the essentials when conducting a bike fit, there are a few things any triathlete should do when preparing for a bike fit:

> Bring all necessary equipment. Shoes, helmet, race shorts (or something similar), and short sleeved jersey or tri top is a good start. Also, have your bike setup with your intended hydration system. 

> Evaluate your needs and primary goals for the fit. Your final cycling position is ultimately determined by factors like: race duration and type, cycyling/athletic background, personal injury history, current injuries/issues, and performance goals. We go over all of this during the interview, but it is helpful to have a strong idea of what you want before starting the fit. 

> Prep bike for fitting. Are certain bolts stripped or rusted that may need to be adjusted during the fit? If needed, schedule a tuneup before your fit to guarantee a smooth session.  

> Ask questions. Your fit is a great time to ask all the highly detailed questions regarding triathlon cycling performance. Questions like, "How do fast cyclist really pedal?", and "What hydration system would work best on my bike?" are some examples. 

Scheduling your fit:

Please call 208-297-7943 or email to schedule your fit.

We are available for fitting Monday-Friday from 10:15am – 4:30pm, or by special appointment.

Due to demand for fitting services we recommend scheduling your fit a week in advance.