2015 Custom TriTown Kits and Winter Apparel

It has been over 3 years since we created the original TriTown racing kit. With your help, we sold over 200 kits - and you have taken those kits to compete in races literally all over the world. We can't tell you how awesome it is to hear your stories about racing in remote areas and running into other members of the extended TriTown family. 

The TriTown kit has become a great way to identify friends and family at a race or workout, and moving forward we knew we wanted to design something that was different, but still obviously TriTown. We hope you like what we've come up with, and if you place an order with a 50% down payment before January 1st you will save 10% off the retail price of the kits, but most importantly you'll guarantee yourself a kit for the 2015 season. We only order kits 1x a year, so please help spread the word so other TriTown'ers around the community don't miss out on this opportunity. 

To try on sizing kits or place an order, please stop by the store or email:


We expect the new kits to be delivered in early to mid February. 

(we are still making minor changes to the designs, final kits will be similar to what you see below)

Our classic tri top and shorts are back! This popular piece is your go-to race day kit, and is as comfortable as it is practical. New to the tri collection is a tri tank top and a top-of-the-line tri suit. The tank top is your minimalist top for hot summer races. The 'Course' tri suit has short sleeves and full zip in front, making it convenient for bathroom breaks and acceptable for time trials and road racing too. Made of 'cold black' fabric, the black fabric reflects the UV rays and is as cool as a white kit (without the see-through characteristics of white), thus making it great for hot races too. The tri suit is also your ideal piece for non-wetsuit legal swims. Available in men's and women's sizes. 

'Course' Short Sleeve Tri Suit $250 $225
'Course' Short Sleeve Tri Top (not shown) $160 $144
Tri Top $90 $81
Tri Tank (not shown) $85 $76.5
Tri Short $90 $81

The road kit is your everyday training piece and of course your go-to road race kit. New this year is arm warmers and gloves! The fit on the jersey is a 'performance fit', meaning it is snug but not as tight fitting as the tri kits. Available in men's and women's sizes. 

Cycling Jersey $100 $90
Cycling Shorts $100 $90
Cycling Bibs (men's only) $120 $108
Arm Warmers $40 $36
Cycling Gloves $45 $40.50

Lets be honest- we live in Boise and it gets cold! We partnered with the famous cold weather experts from Craft to offer you some of their classic and most popular winter pieces. These pieces are as stylish as they are functional. Combine all three pieces for a very warm combination! We expect all Craft pieces to be available in mid January. Available in men's and women's sizes. 

DOWN JACKET $200 $180
BEANIE $25 $22.5


We are looking forward to the 2015 racing season and watching you debut the new kits! 
  • Questions? Call 208-297-7943 or email dom@tritownboise.com
  • Ready to order: call or email the info above, or stop by the store. 
  • Save 10% by placing an order before January 1 with at least a 50% downpayment. 
  • Triathlon kit sizing pieces are available in the store. 
  • We expect the kits to arrive in February. Craft jackets, hoodies, and beanies will be available in mid-January.