2017 Women's Orca Sonar Wetsuit (RENTAL)

$450.00 $299.00
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All of our rental wetsuits are slightly used but well maintained. Prices reflect the suit's approximate amount of use. All of these suits are ready for years of more swimming and racing.

Any nicks or cuts have been repaired. If you would like a detailed pictures of a suit please contact us.  

A sizing reference chart can be found under the "specifications" tab. 

No warranties apply to rental equipment. Returns are not accepted. 

Note: Wetsuits are more weight specific than height.
XS: 110-116lbs | 4'9''-5'3''
S: 118-134lbs | 5'3''-5'6''
M: 132-147lbs | 5'5''-5'10''
L: 145-163lbs | 5'10''-6'1''
XL: 160-173lbs | 5'8''-6'2''
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