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The proprietary Felt IA seatpost works with all Felt IA triathlon bikes including the IA FRD, IA2, IA10, and IA 16. The seatpost utilizes a high grade UHC Advanced carbon fiber from Felt, and is assembled with all the parts listed below. 

Felt IA seatpost are specially designed with Vibration Reduction (VR) technology to help dampen rough road conditions. Although the fast and stiff feeling of the bike remains the same, the VR tech helps the rider enjoy smoother riding. The internalock seatpost wedge the is located within the seatpost helps to spread the clamping force of the seatpost mounting bolt on the carbon when tightening the bolts to spec. This system using the internalock seatpost wedge allows riders to easily release the seat post from the bike for traveling and adjustments. 

Parts Included:

Total weight of seat post + parts included:

12.20 ounces (345 g)


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