2020 YMCA Tri Series and Training Plans

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YMCA Triathlon Series

Training Addendum

We are proud to support and sponsor the 2020 YMCA Sprint Tri Series. For the 2020 season, the Treasure Valley YMCA has organized their three sprint triathlons into a season long points series- allowing athletes to compete to be the Series Champion. Not concerned about winning? Even better, because the YMCA Sprint Tri Series is the perfect way to get involved in the sport of triathlon. We have developed beginner-focused training plans that are free to anyone who signs up for a YMCA Sprint Tri race. Below you'll find all the resources you need to sign up for the race, access your plan, and begin training for the 2020 triathlon season.

  • Spring Sprint Tri: (swim) Friday May 1; (bike/run) Saturday May 2
  • Y-Not Sprint Tri: (swim/bike/run) Saturday August 1
  • Fall Sprint Tri: (swim) Friday Sept 11; (bike/run) Saturday Sept 12

Supporting Events

We are excited to announce a season's worth of seminars and clinics to support your journey this triathlon season. All seminars are held our store, kept to one hour of focused information, and designed to support and enhance your training plan. All seminars, clinics, and workouts are free and open to the public. For complete details on all events, see our complete Workout and Event Schedule. Please RSVP to [email protected].


  • How to Train for a Successful Triathlon Season (2/10/20)
  • Heart Rate Training for the Endurance Athlete (2/17/20)
  • Baseline Performance Testing for Triathletes (2/24/20)
  • Sport Specific Strength Training for Triathletes (3/9/20)
  • Nutrition Timing for Endurance Sports (3/16/20)
  • Basics of Road and Triathlon Bike Fitting (3/25/20)


Group Workouts

  • Monday group swim at Quinn's Pond (starting date TBA)
  • Tuesday Group Ride (starting date TBA)

How to Use This Training Plan

To access your plan you must first sign up for a YMCA Sprint Series race. You'll be given a coupon code at registration that will cover the cost of the training schedule. Use the links below to locate the training plan for your event(s). The plan progresses in both volume and intensity during the training block of either 12 weeks (for a single race) or 36 weeks (for the entire race series), and is designed for a beginner triathlete who can train an average of 5-6 hours per week. Rest days and recovery weeks are scheduled throughout. We expect some adjustments to the schedule will be necessary based on your personal needs and ability. We are fully confident that any athlete who follows our training schedule and attends some of the supporting events will feel confident and ready on race day. Your coach during the training block will be Tri Town Owner and Head Coach Antonio Gonzalez. Questions? Email: [email protected]

Triathlon Training Schedule and Workout Plan


Access Your Plan on Training Peaks

Access Plans Now

Download your plan to Training Peaks for free. We've written 10-12 week beginner-focused training plans for each event. Registered for all 3 races? Great! We've written a season long plan to help guide you through all three events. When you register for a YMCA Sprint Series race you will receive a coupon code to access your training for free.

Training Zones

Calculate Zones

Your free training plan uses as simple 5-Zone model to designate recovery, base building, tempo, threshold, and VO2 level workouts. Your plan is built to provide a natural balance of easy and hard workouts. Zones help you determine how easy is easy, and how hard is hard. Learn how to calculate your heart rate training zones here.

Types of Workouts

Workouts Explained

Learn about the different types of workouts provided in your plan. We use simple explanations to describe the variety of workouts used in the program. By understanding 'the why' behind the different types of workouts, you'll be more prepared to successfully execute your training.