Workout and Event Schedule

Below is our current training schedule for Club and Community workouts. We've also included a race and event calendar. The Club workout schedule is updated monthly. Our "Community Workouts" are free, not coached, and designed as self-paced workouts. Click a workout on the calendar below for workout details.


Connect with Other Idaho Athletes

Feel free to add yourself to our extensive athlete race calendar to see who is racing what events. This calendar is for anyone who wants to share the races/events they'll be at this year. We hope this helps people coordinate plans, meet ups, travel, cheering squads, etc.


About Community Workouts

Hey, we get it- some people don't want a coach, but still want to throw down a good workout with fellow athletes. For years we've hosted regular workouts throughout the year that are free to attend. All Community Workouts have a clear focus and workout goal, but are not coached like our Club and Private sessions are. These are all 'drop' sessions (aka "No Hard Feelings"), and we recommend that you view the route maps on our workout calendar before showing up or come a little early to get acquainted with workout format.


How do I get started?

We’re excited to work with you and help you reach your goals. Here are some tips to get started with some of our coaching and workout options: 

  • To join our community workouts: just show up at the designated time/place ready to have some fun!
  • To join our triathlon club: see our Club Coaching page for all details and registration, or simply stop by the store or contact us.
  • To begin private coaching: see our Private Coaching page for all details and registration, or swing by the shop so we can set up an initial interview. If that's too inconvenient, simply contact us and we'll get you setup by phone or email. 


Whoa, this sounds too intense for me!

Hey, it’s okay! We understand that not everyone is trying to win their age group or qualify for Kona. We just love to talk about anything related to exercise, and if you have any questions about how to prepare for your next event just stop on by the store and we’ll answer your questions as best we can.