Tri Town Club Coaching

The Tri Town Club is a great way to build your foundation of fitness while refining your swimming, biking, and running skills. All Club workouts have a coach on hand to guide you through the workout and provide intensity, technique and equipment advice. Our Club training program follows a 12 month periodization schedule. We've designed the schedule to prepare athletes of all abilities to be race-ready and fit during the primary race season. The focus, duration, and intensity of workouts will vary depending upon what part of the season we're in. Regardless of when you join the club, our coaches will assess your current ability and fitness level and adjust the workout to fit you best, all while keeping within the spirit of the prescribed workout. This will allow you to logically progress into the program based on where you are in your season and how your body is adapting to the training stimuli.

Our Partnership with the YMCA

Our Club workouts utilizes the Boise YMCA's computrainer studio and pool, and requires that all Club members also be YMCA members to participate. The YMCA offers the best facility in Boise for the endurance athlete, as well as additional amenities that make the triathletes life easier like optional bicycle storage and day care. Learn more about the YMCA here. By joining the Club, you'll meet fellow athletes with a similar passion, push yourself harder than ever before, and lets be honest… suffering is so much easier when it's done with good company!

Pricing and How to Join 


Pricing varies from $75 - $25 per month. Please see the coaching page below for full pricing details. If you're interested in just trying out the club before joining, just ask us about a few free Club Workout Passes, and view our Club and Community Workout Calendar to see what workouts are scheduled this month.  

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