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Toby Miller tearing up the bike course. Looking forward to that warm weather!
Merry belated Christmas and New Years! Though this winter is turning out to be especially harsh, I love the fact that Boise has four seasons. It provides a logical rest and recuperation period, and most importantly it is a great time to reflect upon the prior year. I use this time to review my personal goals, accomplishments, and failures. I also use this time to look forward into the next year to determine what direction I'd like to guide not only my training, but my business and life in general. 
Overall 2016 was a great year for Tri Town. Our business experienced double digit growth for a 5th year in a row- in a time when brick and mortar bicycle shops are experiencing some very hard times. I cannot thank you enough for believing in us and allowing us to help you with your journey in living a healthy lifestyle. One of the key lessons Tri Town has taught me is that this business is not about me- it is about prioritizing and engaging with each and every person who walks through our doors. 
In this email I'd like to reflect upon some of the key changes we've made to Tri Town in 2016, and some of our plans for 2017.  I'm sorry if it's a bit long- I promise not all our emails will be this way! 
"To help people live healthy and balanced lives through swimming, biking, and running."
I'm actually a little embarrassed that I had not clarified our mission statement early on in our business history! I kind of assumed that we exist to sell "stuff" and services to triathletes! Though that is a big part of who we are, that is not ultimately what inspires me or my staff. Defining our mission and core values has helped immensely in guiding our decision making process in almost everything we do. I highly recommend you read our Mission Statement and Core Values page on our website- and know that this is the standard that we strive to hold ourselves to each and every day. 
Our Commitment to Our Community

I often hear people say,
"Support small business!" and they often put their money where their mouth is (and thank you to anyone who has felt that way shopping at Tri Town!). What you don't often hear is: "How is small business supporting their customers and community?" 

With that in mind, we at Tri Town are very excited to show our support and commitment to Boise by initiating what we call the "Tri For a Better Boise" campaign. Earlier this year, we began committing 1% of our gross revenue to local nonprofits. By viewing our revenue in 3 separate categories, we selected 3 nonprofits that inspire us, they are: 
  • RODS Racing: receives 1% of our non-bicycle sales. RODS helps nurture a positive image of down syndrome and helps raise awareness for the adoption of orphans with down syndrome. 
  • YMCA Annual Campaign: receives 1% of our bicycle sales. The Y's Annual Campaign ensures no person or family is turned away from a membership or program due to an inability to pay.
  • Boise Bicycle Project: receives 1% of our labor/service sales. The BBP, like us, believes that Boise could be the cycling capital of America. They help get bicycles into peoples hands who may not be able to afford them otherwise, and they also operate as an educational center for anyone who wants to learn more about bicycles. 
We are very proud to be able to support these great organizations with your help. Thank you for shopping with us, and know you are helping to Make A Better Boise. 
Traveling athletes love company! 
Without a headline race in the valley (RIP Boise 70.3) many local triathletes found themselves looking at the national race calendar for inspiration. The most popular 70.3 events for locals this season appeared to be St. George , Coeur A'alene, and Pacific Crest (same day as 70.3 CDA), and Santa Cruz. Boise sent large groups of athletes to all these events, often sharing a VRBO and carpooling. Popular Ironman events appeared to be CDA and Arizona this season. 
Without a headline race in town there seemed to be renewed excitement in some of the longstanding local events too. The Burley Spudman and Emmett triathlon in particular were popular and saw great representation from the Boise multisport crowd. We encourage everyone to try these races out if they haven't already- as well as the other great grassroots races on the local calendar. 

We love our location near great trails, roads, and swimming ponds. We also recognize that top-end equipment is expensive. To help people enjoy these resources we have diversified our rental services, and now have one of the most diverse rental fleets of bicycle-related equipment in Idaho. Our rental fleet now includes: 
    • Triathlon Bikes (Cervelo P3) 
    • Road Bikes (Felt VR4) 
    • Mountain Bikes (Felt Edict 3)
    • Cruiser Bikes (Felt Cafe)
    • Wetsuits (both full sleeve and sleeveless: Blueseventy and Orca)
    • Race Wheels (HED- w/ 40mm/60mm/90mm/ and disc wheels available) 
    • Bike Shipping Boxes (all shapes and sizes)
    Learn more about all of our rental options. 

    Our coaching services continue
    to be one of our most engaging and rewarding aspects of our business. This year we've seen our coaching staff grow by three- Sam Kristensen, Matt Humphrey, and Trish Wineman have helped us keep up with the demand for quality training and racing guidance. Sam, Matt, and Trish have taken on athletes for private coaching, with Matt also spearheading the development of our club coaching services through the YMCA. 
    Our coaching services now include a 3 tier program: 
    - Private Coaching: (fully customized program to suit your needs and schedule). 
    - Club Coaching: Near-daily coached session in a group environment. Workouts are designed to prepare athletes for the traditional race season up to a 70.3 distance event. 
    - Community Workouts: Our popular group workouts are still going strong (group runs on hold until weather improves). There is no charge for these quality, group sessions. 
    You can learn more about our coaches and training services here
    Financing and Bicycle Trade-In
    We take pride in knowing that the equipment we sell is often of the highest quality on the market- but that quality does not always come cheap. To help our clients ride, train, and race on the best equipment possible, we now offer 6 month "same as cash" financing free of charge on any purchase above $500. We can also offer up to 18 month financing for a small service fee. 

    Additionally, you can now trade-in your old bike when purchasing a new bike. We will calculate your old bike's trade-in value, and give you that value in store credit for a new bike. Your old bike did not have be purchased from us. This not only helps offset the price of a new bike, but helps keep the spouse happy too!

    Contact us for more details. 
    As we begin the 2017 season, we look forward to serving the Treasure Valley for another great season. The friendships and memories we create by working with you are priceless, and thank you for helping us at Tri Town live our dreams by supporting yours. 
    - Antonio and the Tri Town Crew

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    John Mausling
    John Mausling

    April 09, 2017

    Antonio and Tri Town Crew, thanks for all you do for the community and the people who love Triathlons. I look forward to seeing you all at the swim sessions and rides. Hopefully a sanctioned 70.3 will come back to the City of Trees again! Thanks John M.

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