2015 Bengal Triathlon Wrap Up

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Let's test how good your 'bike eye' is… What's missing in this picture?

The 2015 Bengal Triathlon in Pocatello went down on Saturday, April 25th, and as we've come to expect it was complete blast! The TriTown boys represented well, taking home many of the top 10 spots. The writing was on the wall, as I could tell by the intensity of the Tuesday Ride that a lot of the boys are getting super fit.  

This was my first race in almost 3 years, and I was excited to get back at it and see how things were coming along since an ankle operation last year. Though I was excited to be out there, the real excitement came on the women's side when TriTown regular and pre-race favorite Anna Megale suffered a mechanical before the race and had her rear derailleur ripped off her bike (see pic above). After a few moments of intense brainstorming we decided to remove the derailleur and simply set her bike up as a single speed! Quick removal of the broken derailleur hanger and derailleur, a little shortening of the chain, a little tensioning of the dropout screws, and boom! Done. With fingers crossed Anna racked her bike and prepared for the start. Despite the setback Anna recorded a top 3 bike split and held her lead on the run! Must have been quite an emotional roller coaster but she held it together like a pro. Well done Anna. 

Though the Bengal Triathlon is not on the radar for a lot of the Boise triathletes, it's one of the best sprint triathlons around. Thanks to the hard work of Race Director Smitty Faure the race has a festive atmosphere and is run with clockwork precision. This race is definitely worth putting on your calendar next year. 

Race results can be found here

A huge thanks to Anna's husband and speedy racer Ian Megale for taking all the great pics! Check them out on our Facebook page.

-AG and the TriTown Crew

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