2017 Custom Kit Pre-Order

Posted on February 08, 2017 by Antonio Gonzalez | 1 comment

It has been over 6 years since you helped us create the original Tri Town racing kit. Since then you have taken those kits to events and races around the world. We can't explain how amazing it is to hear your race stories about racing in remote areas and running into other members of the extended Tri Town family. 
The 2017 racing season will be here before you know it- we'd love to have you race with the "3 Rings" on your kit- a kit that is well recognized all throughout Idaho and the Northwest. A couple seasons ago we updated the look but kept the overall spirit of the kit in tact. The kit is as flattering as it is recognizable and functional. 
If you place your order with a 50% down payment before Monday, Feb 20th we'll take 10% off your order totalAs a winter special we're offering our Thermal Long Sleeve top at 20% offAdditionally, any club or privately coached athlete can purchase any remaining Tri Town Down Jackets or Warmup Sweaters at 50% off (in stock only)! 
Remember we only order kits once per year, they sell out fast, so please help spread the word to other coached athletes so they don't miss out! 
Our kits are made by of high quality synthetic fabric by the clothing masters at Louis Garneau- perfect for training and racing, and will last for years. 
Pricing Details:
TRI MODELS        MSRP                 PRE-ORDER PRICE
Short Sleeve Tri Suit $250 $225
Course Short Sleeve Tri Top $160 $144
Tri Top $90 $81
Tri Tank (won only) $85 $76.5
Tri Shorts $90 $81
Cycling Jersey $100 $90
Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey $150 $120
Cycling Shorts (wmn only) $100 $90
Cycling Bibs (men only) $120 $108
Arm Warmers $40 $36
Cycling Gloves $45 $40.5
Winter Casual Wear            MSRP               Promo Price
Down Jacket $200 $100
Full Zip Hoody $90 $45
Pull Over Hoody $80 $40
Beanie $25 $12.5

We are looking forward to the 2017 racing season and watching you debut your new kits!  
  • Questions? Call 208-297-7943 or email antonio@tritownboise.com
  • Ready to order: call or email the info above, or stop by the store. 
  • Save 10% by placing an order before February 20th with at least a 50% downpayment. 
  • Kit sizing pieces are available in the store.
  • We expect any pre-ordered kits to be available by mid to late March. 

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Susan Filler- Heart

Posted on January 15, 2017 by Antonio Gonzalez | 14 comments

This is our second installment in our "Inspiration" series. The response from our first post was amazing, and we are thankful to Dan Markowitz and everyone who shared their experience racing, training, working, and even growing up with Dan. For this post, we spent some with a Boise native who has found a way to overcome a rare heart condition to continue doing the things she loves to do. We found her story inspiring, and hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we enjoyed writing her story. 

Interview by Antonio Gonzalez. Pictures by Scott Conover.

I first met Susan 9 years ago while leading a training program for the Boise 70.3. In any group, there is always the fast person, and there is always the last person. At the time, Susan was often that last person, but you wouldn't have guessed it from her positive attitude and level of commitment. As far as I can remember, she showed up for every workout, every cold and wet ride or run, and never complained. Even back then, Susan had the characteristics of all successful people and great athletes- they show up and get the work done, everyday. What I didn't know at the time was Susan had a rare heart condition, and soon before the training program began her doctors had said she would likely never run again. In addition, she had been prescribed a beta-blocker that she said made her feel like she was running through sand. Here is how she overcame these challenges and found a way to continue doing the things she loves to do. 

Tri Town (TT): I understand you grew up here in Boise? 

Susan: Yes I moved here in kindergarten. I graduated from Capital High School, then moved out of town for college. I eventually moved back to Boise in 1993 after finishing nursing school. At the time I literally had a roll of quarters to my name, and moved in with my parents for a while when studying for my nursing exams.  

TT: Have you always been an active person?

Susan: My family has always been active, and my dad put me on skis by the time I could walk. As a kid I played every sport imaginable, with a focus on dancing and swimming. As a teenager I was swimming with Jim Everett (prior CEO of the YMCA) but started to developed chronic respiratory issues, and decided to try racquetball. I eventually went on to play semi professionally for a short while. 

TT: When did you decide to try triathlon out?

Susan: For years I mostly focused on running due to how time efficient it is, but after having a rough race at the Maui Marathon my friends Donna Barrieau, Toni Ramey, and I decided on the plane flight back to give a triathlon a try. So I bought a bike, and literally was only able to ride it once before the winter weather hit. It was that same winter in 2007 on the day after Christmas when I collapsed on a training run (having a Sudden Cardiac Death Event). 

TT: What happened?

Susan: At the hospital I was diagnosed with a rare cardiac conduction disorder called ARVD. So essentially on that run my heart began beating way too fast and arrested. 

TT: And so that is why you have this device sewn into your skin below your collar bone?

Susan: It's a ICD (Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillator). It paces my heart, it has the capacity to cardiovert me, and as a last resort it could defibrillate me.

TT: Its sounds like it would be risky to exercise after going through something like that? How have you managed to continue training and competing after all this?

Susan: It took years to get moving again at a level I was use to. Ultimately I decided that I want to live a life full of quality- doing the things that I love and enjoy. It is a risk, and it was not necessarily fully recommended, but I have a great cardiologist who is willing to work with me and my mindset.

Nonetheless, I cannot train or race the way I once did. I can not go to 100% anymore. Initially, I use to nervously watch my heart rate monitor during every workout (editor note: to keep her HR down), but soon realized that I couldn't obsess over it, and instead had to focus on training at an intensity that felt sustainable and right for me. Most importantly, I had to train smarter. 

In the first 6 months after getting my ICD installed, I went into about 15 arrhythmias. The next 6 month period I had maybe only 12. And about every 6 month period the arrhythmias were decreasing until I stopped having them all together for about 2 years. My cardiologist couldn't quite explain it. I believe that my heart and body were adapting to my condition and my training was making me more fit than I had ever been before.

Now when I go to races and compete against other people in my age group it never once crosses my mind that I have wires in my heart, and a device in my chest. 

TT: You were recognized as a Medtronic Global Hero in 2012 (a recognition given to  runners who have used advanced medical technology to continue living active and healthy lives). How was that experience for you?

Susan: Being one of the 2012 Medtronic Global Heroes was one of the best weekends in my life- I was Queen for a Day. I spent a weekend in Minneapolis and ran the twin cities marathon. It was amazing to meet 25 other people from around the world who have endured much worse things than me. 

TT: So your start with triathlon was a bit interrupted to say the least. When did you actually get to do your first event?  

Susan: My first race was the Olympic tri at Pacific Crest in 2008.  I think it took me twice as long as it would now.  For my parents I ordered the race photos on a plaque.  Those were about the only photos I have ever ordered. I look at it occasionally and it even has my time on it (cringe).

TT: Since then I know you've done a lot of other races too. What is it that you enjoy about the sport?

Susan: I actually like to train more than I like to race. The people, the coaches, the fact that you're always leaning and trying to improve yourself is what draws me to the sport. 

I also enjoy having three different sports going on. The goal is to be proficient in all of them. 

TT: So do you have a favorite race? 

Susan: The 30th Anniversary of Ironman Canada (the last year in Penticton was my first Ironman and my favorite. It literally felt like I was at Disneyland: I remember getting off the bike and having to start the run... and seeing all these people with smiling faces cheering us on... it removed any doubts in my mind that I was now about to run a marathon. 

TT: That's pretty cool, the energy at races is contagious. Is that the race you're most proud of?

Susan: Not necessarily, I think it would probably be the third Boise 70.3. The Idaho Statesman did an interview with me and about my disease. After completing the interview, Statesman told me the interview would not be in the paper if I didn't finish the race. The extra motivation must have made a difference, because I improved upon my prior best time by 30 minutes. 

TT: Wow- a result like that can't happen without a lot of quality training and guidance. Tell us a little about the coaches you've worked with. 

Susan: Years ago Harold Frobisher (TT co-founder) introduced me to perceived exertion, since I couldn't train by heart rate anymore. Currently Matt Humphrey (TT Coach) has expanded my understanding of training and cycling further than I could have imagined. But honestly every coach and athlete I've worked with or trained with have all been a wonderful part of learning and growing in the sport.

TT: It seems like a lot of your motivation comes from within, but is there something external that motivates you to stay fit and active?

Susan: Mostly my friends and the laughter that comes with being around great people. I also enjoy seeing improvements in myself and in others.

TT: Is there something you'd like to add that we've missed?

Susan: It has been interesting learning how to be a masters age athlete. You have to be smart, wise, and learn to remove the 'filler' workouts. Everything should be purposeful and mindful, while still having fun. If done right, health setbacks or aging do not have to be limiters- I've actually had my fastest run times since my incident! 

I sometimes look at young people and don't see them as different from me. I feel like I can be right there with them (in workouts or whatever). But that doesn't always happen (!), and you have to learn to accept that, and just enjoy being out there. 

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2016 Year In Review

Posted on January 10, 2017 by Antonio Gonzalez | 1 comment

Toby Miller tearing up the bike course. Looking forward to that warm weather!
Merry belated Christmas and New Years! Though this winter is turning out to be especially harsh, I love the fact that Boise has four seasons. It provides a logical rest and recuperation period, and most importantly it is a great time to reflect upon the prior year. I use this time to review my personal goals, accomplishments, and failures. I also use this time to look forward into the next year to determine what direction I'd like to guide not only my training, but my business and life in general. 
Overall 2016 was a great year for Tri Town. Our business experienced double digit growth for a 5th year in a row- in a time when brick and mortar bicycle shops are experiencing some very hard times. I cannot thank you enough for believing in us and allowing us to help you with your journey in living a healthy lifestyle. One of the key lessons Tri Town has taught me is that this business is not about me- it is about prioritizing and engaging with each and every person who walks through our doors. 
In this email I'd like to reflect upon some of the key changes we've made to Tri Town in 2016, and some of our plans for 2017.  I'm sorry if it's a bit long- I promise not all our emails will be this way! 
"To help people live healthy and balanced lives through swimming, biking, and running."
I'm actually a little embarrassed that I had not clarified our mission statement early on in our business history! I kind of assumed that we exist to sell "stuff" and services to triathletes! Though that is a big part of who we are, that is not ultimately what inspires me or my staff. Defining our mission and core values has helped immensely in guiding our decision making process in almost everything we do. I highly recommend you read our Mission Statement and Core Values page on our website- and know that this is the standard that we strive to hold ourselves to each and every day. 
Our Commitment to Our Community

I often hear people say,
"Support small business!" and they often put their money where their mouth is (and thank you to anyone who has felt that way shopping at Tri Town!). What you don't often hear is: "How is small business supporting their customers and community?" 

With that in mind, we at Tri Town are very excited to show our support and commitment to Boise by initiating what we call the "Tri For a Better Boise" campaign. Earlier this year, we began committing 1% of our gross revenue to local nonprofits. By viewing our revenue in 3 separate categories, we selected 3 nonprofits that inspire us, they are: 
  • RODS Racing: receives 1% of our non-bicycle sales. RODS helps nurture a positive image of down syndrome and helps raise awareness for the adoption of orphans with down syndrome. 
  • YMCA Annual Campaign: receives 1% of our bicycle sales. The Y's Annual Campaign ensures no person or family is turned away from a membership or program due to an inability to pay.
  • Boise Bicycle Project: receives 1% of our labor/service sales. The BBP, like us, believes that Boise could be the cycling capital of America. They help get bicycles into peoples hands who may not be able to afford them otherwise, and they also operate as an educational center for anyone who wants to learn more about bicycles. 
We are very proud to be able to support these great organizations with your help. Thank you for shopping with us, and know you are helping to Make A Better Boise. 
Traveling athletes love company! 
Without a headline race in the valley (RIP Boise 70.3) many local triathletes found themselves looking at the national race calendar for inspiration. The most popular 70.3 events for locals this season appeared to be St. George , Coeur A'alene, and Pacific Crest (same day as 70.3 CDA), and Santa Cruz. Boise sent large groups of athletes to all these events, often sharing a VRBO and carpooling. Popular Ironman events appeared to be CDA and Arizona this season. 
Without a headline race in town there seemed to be renewed excitement in some of the longstanding local events too. The Burley Spudman and Emmett triathlon in particular were popular and saw great representation from the Boise multisport crowd. We encourage everyone to try these races out if they haven't already- as well as the other great grassroots races on the local calendar. 

We love our location near great trails, roads, and swimming ponds. We also recognize that top-end equipment is expensive. To help people enjoy these resources we have diversified our rental services, and now have one of the most diverse rental fleets of bicycle-related equipment in Idaho. Our rental fleet now includes: 
    • Triathlon Bikes (Cervelo P3) 
    • Road Bikes (Felt VR4) 
    • Mountain Bikes (Felt Edict 3)
    • Cruiser Bikes (Felt Cafe)
    • Wetsuits (both full sleeve and sleeveless: Blueseventy and Orca)
    • Race Wheels (HED- w/ 40mm/60mm/90mm/ and disc wheels available) 
    • Bike Shipping Boxes (all shapes and sizes)
    Learn more about all of our rental options. 

    Our coaching services continue
    to be one of our most engaging and rewarding aspects of our business. This year we've seen our coaching staff grow by three- Sam Kristensen, Matt Humphrey, and Trish Wineman have helped us keep up with the demand for quality training and racing guidance. Sam, Matt, and Trish have taken on athletes for private coaching, with Matt also spearheading the development of our club coaching services through the YMCA. 
    Our coaching services now include a 3 tier program: 
    - Private Coaching: (fully customized program to suit your needs and schedule). 
    - Club Coaching: Near-daily coached session in a group environment. Workouts are designed to prepare athletes for the traditional race season up to a 70.3 distance event. 
    - Community Workouts: Our popular group workouts are still going strong (group runs on hold until weather improves). There is no charge for these quality, group sessions. 
    You can learn more about our coaches and training services here
    Financing and Bicycle Trade-In
    We take pride in knowing that the equipment we sell is often of the highest quality on the market- but that quality does not always come cheap. To help our clients ride, train, and race on the best equipment possible, we now offer 6 month "same as cash" financing free of charge on any purchase above $500. We can also offer up to 18 month financing for a small service fee. 

    Additionally, you can now trade-in your old bike when purchasing a new bike. We will calculate your old bike's trade-in value, and give you that value in store credit for a new bike. Your old bike did not have be purchased from us. This not only helps offset the price of a new bike, but helps keep the spouse happy too!

    Contact us for more details. 
    As we begin the 2017 season, we look forward to serving the Treasure Valley for another great season. The friendships and memories we create by working with you are priceless, and thank you for helping us at Tri Town live our dreams by supporting yours. 
    - Antonio and the Tri Town Crew

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    Get on a New Bike in the New Year!

    Posted on January 05, 2017 by Antonio Gonzalez | 0 comments

    Let's Meet those New Year Resolutions with a New Year Sale!

    Whether your goals are to win Ultraman World Championships or just to have fun and be active, we have you covered! With the shop full of the latest and greatest bikes and a handful of last seasons models on sale, there is sure to be one that will fit your riding goals and desires. Paired with our 6 months same as cash financing options, we can ensure that you and your bike are fully kitted out and ready to ride some warmer weather.

    Here is just a taste of what is available;



    Demo Cervelo P3 Ultegra Di2 56cm
    MSRP $5500
    Sale Price $4200
    The epitome of Triathlon Bikes




    Demo Cervelo P3 Ultegra 6800 51cm
    MSRP $4300
    Sale Price $3300
    Never used, not even once...


















      Cervelo P2 105 45cm 650c Wheels
      MSRP $2800
      Sale Price $2000
      Perfect for you riders under 5'2"



      Cervelo P2 105 48, 56, 58
      MSRP $2800
      Sale Price $2400
      Can't get any more bang for your buck







      Cervelo R2 105 56cm
      MSRP $2500
      Sale Price $2100
      Race with confidence and comfort

       Also have a white and red 58cm



      Felt AR5 105 51cm
      MSRP $2600
      Sale Price $2000
      This bike is begging you to break off the front and stay off the front



      Felt IA14 105 54cm
      MSRP $4000
      Sale Price$3000
      The hottest bikes on the market today, sure to turn some heads



      BMC TM02 105 Medium/Short & Medium/Long
      MSRP $2500
      Sale Price $2000
      Designed with Swiss precision, won't see many of these around





      If a new bike is not what you need, we can help change your mind. If you mind is set, then take a look at what other items are hot.


      Stages Power Meter $580 $350 172.5mm Works with any Shimano 10/11 spd double road crank.
      Wahoo Kickr
      $1200   Works great with all road/tri bikes!



      Orca Predator $900 $450 7 used once
      Blueseventy Reaction $475 $275 multiple All in stock sizes on sale.
      Remaining B70 rental suits $375 $175 multiple All in stock sizes on sale.
      Remaining Orca rental suits $450 $200 multiple All in stock sizes on sale.

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      Christmas Tune Up Special

      Posted on December 12, 2016 by Antonio Gonzalez | 0 comments

      From now until Christmas, any bike brought in for a tune up will be upgraded to the next level tune for no extra charge. Give the cyclist in your life the gift of cleanliness and mechanical perfection, all while saving up to 45% off the regular tune up price. 

       Tune Up* Normal Price Xmas Special Price**
      Iron Overhaul $180 $100
      Tri Town Special $100 $60
      Olympic Tune $60 $50


      *Learn what goes into a tune up here

      **Any replacement parts needed to complete the tune are not included. 

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      We're Launching a Triathlon Club in Cooperation with the YMCA!

      Posted on November 04, 2016 by Antonio Gonzalez | 1 comment

      For years we've offered private coaching and community workouts, but have never really had a consistent facility to call home- we've been working hard to rectify that are proud to announce the formation of the Tri Town Triathlon Club in cooperation with the YMCA! The Club will provide almost daily group workouts to help endurance athletes improve their fitness and develop their swimming, biking, and running skills. Every session is personally coached and designed to help prepare you for the racing season. Additionally, all Tri Town Privately Coached athletes will have full access to all Club sessions (must be a YMCA member).

      Between our Private Coaching services and free community workouts, the Club will provide a consistent, structured environment for endurance athletes to build their fitness while working out with like minded athletes. The majority of club workouts will take place at the Downtown YMCA, but we'll be hosting workouts at the West YMCA by December 2016.

      Our Coaching and Training page has all the details about the new Triathlon Club as well as our other coaching options. We've also posted the first round of Club workouts on our Training Calendar.

      PRICING (per month)
      Full Membership $100
      Swim Only $30
      Bike Only $50
      Run Only $20


      Not sure if the Club is right for you? Your first 3 workouts are on us- come get to know our coachs and try the club for free. Additionally, we have two meetings scheduled next week to answer all your questions and provide further details.

      Meeting #1
      : Monday Nov 7th @ Tri Town @ 6pm.
      Meeting #2: Wednesday Nov 9th @ The Downtown YMCA Computrainer Studio @ 6pm.

      Come with questions and we look forward to training with you soon!

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      Garmin Vivoactive HR Review

      Posted on August 11, 2016 by Austin Rogerson | 1 comment

      Hey athletes! My name is Austin Rogerson, content creator and social media manager for Tri Town. A little background for me; I grew up playing soccer and running track, and was fortunate enough to play soccer collegiately at Oregon State University and Boise State University. While in college at Boise State I found a new love for cycling in the tree city. In 2012 my passion for cycling and running transitioned into a desire to give triathlon a shot and I've loved it ever since! In this blog post I'll be talking about a product I've been using for several month now, the Garmin Vivoactive HR.

      The Garmin Vivoactive HR launched in April of 2016 and since using it I’ve been extremely pleased with its performance. I’ll even go as far to say that I believe the Vivoactive HR is one of the top overall choices for sports watches for athletes of all kinds looking to track and monitor their fitness.

      That being said, this blog will speak more to the needs and desires of triathletes, and each sport individually.


      The Vivoactive HR can be used while cycling by enabling the Bike mode. While in the bike mode you’ll be able to collect your heart rate in one of two ways; from your wrist, or, you can mount it to your bike using a simple bike mount and then gather your heart rate data via a chest strap. The Vivoactive HR can be paired with ANT+ Speed & Cadence sensors as well as most Bluetooth sensors.  The built in GPS allows the watch to track key metrics like speed, distance, and elevation gain/loss, and even  has a helpful inside mode when you’re on your bike trainer. In bike mode it is pre-set to notify you by vibrating each time you’ve completed 5 miles and it will give you your 5-mile time (this notification can be turned off).

      Below image shows data from a cycling workout exported from the Garmin Vivoactive HR to Garmin Connect online.

      Cycling Tracking on Garmin Connect

      I personally like cycling with my watch on and flipped over. Not only does it allow me to see the data better when in the tri bars, but it also allows me to track my heart rate. Before using heart rate monitors I would track my heart rate the old fashioned way with two fingers on my wrist; for that reason, I like the sensor being on my wrist. I’ve tried it both ways and haven’t seen a drastic difference in accuracy, so to each their own.

      (This model does not pair to cycling power meters)


      The Vivoactive HR can be used while running by enabling the Run mode. Similar to the bike, you’re able to gather your heart rate accurately with the watch on your wrist. From the watch, it allows you to track your distance, time and pace. If you scroll down, in the same data collecting area you can see your lap distance, lap time, and lap pace if you’re on a track. If you scroll down once more, it shows your heart rate, HR zone, and average HR. In run mode it is pre-set to notify you by vibrating after each mile you’ve run and your mile time.

      Below image shows data from a running workout exported from the Garmin Vivoactive HR to Garmin Connect online.


      The Vivoactive HR can be used while swimming in Pool Swim mode. However, that is the only swim mode that it supports. The reason that the Vivoactive is unable to support open water swims, is because it lacks the algorithms required to be able to handle the satellite dropouts that occur each time your wrist dips below the surface. When it comes to open water swimming, I have tried two 3rd party apps that connect with the Vivoactive HR. I just started testing the Swimming App Professional – it focuses more on the key parameters (speed, pace, distance) in open water swimming. At best I would say that the GPS tracking is ok.

      The 2nd app I've used is pmTriathlon. I would recommend this app in regards to accuracy and overall triathlon usage over the Swimming App Professional. The pmTriathlon app is simple and intuitive. It allows you to start your swim, click the right button once, which stops your swim and starts your transition. Click the right button again and it stops your transition and starts your run. So on and so forth until you’ve completed your workout or race. Both of these apps, along with others can be downloaded online or via your smart phone in the Garmin Connect app in the Connect IQ Store.

      Below image shows data from a cycling, running, and swim workout exported from the Garmin Vivoactive HR to Garmin Connect app.

      Several factors went into me getting the Garmin Vivoactive HR:

      -The price was right at $249.99 considering all the features and ability to personalize layouts and displays.

      -I no longer needed to wear a chest strap to track my heart rate.

      -It’s fashionable and something I wear 24/7.

      -It can track each of my individual sports; and what isn’t included can be with a 3rd party app.

      -Battery Life! Even when using the GPS for daily workouts, I found the watch to last upwards of 5-6 days before having to charge it. When using GPS consistently, I've had it last 10 hours with 25% battery life remaining, which matches up with the 13 hours it is suppose to last accordingly to their watch specs.

      -Lastly, it links up with TrainingPeaks that I've been using with the help of Tri Town to schedule, track, and analyze my workouts.

        If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call us (208-297-7943), stop by the shop or email antonio@tritownboise.com to ask us about the Garmin Vivoactive HR or any of the other great sport watches we have available.

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