Chain Wax



  • Reduces friction (an average of 6 watts)
  • Increases lifetime of chain
  • Increases miles between lubrication intervals
  • "Waterproofs" chain for wet conditions
  • Re-application is very easy
Chain Waxing for High Performance and Longevity

Gold Standard Lubrication

A waxed chain can go 100's of miles before it needs to be reapplied. The chain is not 'wet' with lubricant, so it will not collect dirt/grime like most chains do, and the wax stays on your chain even if you're riding in wet conditions. A waxed chain is the gold standard for chain lubrication, and a premium service we're proud to offer at Tri Town.

Increased Mileage

Chain waxing is a premium service we offer here at Tri Town. A waxed chain stays exceptionally clean compared to wet or dry lubes; is easier to maintain; and creates less mechanical resistance than any lubricant on the market.


Training or Race Day

We can wax any chain, but recommend this service for new chains and anyone prepping their bike for a key race.

How do we Wax a chain?

We start by thoroughly cleaning your chain of all factory grease (for a new chain) or old lube/dirt (a used chain). We do this through a multiple step process that sees your chain go through our industrial solvent tank, then sonic cleaner, and finally a soak in denatured alcohol. At this point, the chain is completely stripped of all grease and contaminates, and is ready to soak in molten chain wax for up to an hour. The heat allows the wax to penetrate deep into the chain links and rollers- where you need it most. Once installed on your bike, your chain will slide on a layer of wax- saving the metal from wear.