2019 Cervelo S5 Disc Ultegra R8020

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SUMMARY: The 2019 Cervelo S5 Disc Ultegra mechanical is a testament to complete frame and component integration. Every major frame component- whether it be the fork, seat post, stem, or handlebar, is not only best-in-class in its own right, but also proprietary to the S5 itself. The S5 Disc is a no-compromise aerodynamic road race bike without compromise or equal. 
The Frameset: 2019 S5 Disc is a complete re-design from prior Cervelo S5 models. With a nod towards industry trends, the S5 is a disc-brake only platform, and with good reason. The beautiful stem and fork integration would not be possible with traditional road caliper brakes.
The bayonet-style fork is a distinctive feature on the new S5, and allow for the fully integrated stem and handlebar to blend seamlessly into the rest of the frame. The V-style stem mounts cleanly beneath the aerodynamic handlebar, with all cables routed through the handlebar, stem, and finally the frame itself. 12mm "RAT" (rapid thru-axles) allow for quick and efficient wheel changes. 
The S-series specific seatpost mounts to the frame with a single bolt seatpost wedge. A simple and infinitely adjustable clamp holds the saddle in place. The post can be cut-to-fit for riders with a short inseam, and remember to always use carbon paste and a torque wrench to avoid creaking and any chance of seatpost slippage.
For 2019 Cervelo S5 Disc Ultegra mechanical comes in only one color and it's a stunner. The mostly black and riviera blue colors work beautifully together. We hope our pictures do it justice! 
The FitA limitation of many fully integrated cockpits is a lack of adjustability, and the S5 is less adjustable than the more simple (and less aerodynamic) 1 1/8'' steerer tube designs found on the S3 and most other bikes. But Cervelo offers a stem kit and tilt adjustability that we can help with to accommodate most fits. Nonetheless, have no doubt that the S5 is a race bike, designed to put the rider in a relatively long and low road position. The S5 comes in only 5 frame sizes- and 48, 51, 54, 56, and 58cm. Like all highly integrated race bikes we recommend reaching out to us for a sizing fit before purchasing. 
Components: Cervelo keeps things simple and straight forward with the Ultegra R8020 component spec groupset. Unlike other brands, Cervelo doesn't call a bike an "Ultegra" build, but only offer Ultegra shifters and derailleurs. Every component on this bike is Ultegra R8020- from the shifters and the derailleurs, to the cranks, brakes, chain, and cassette. Keeping all the parts in the same component family guarantees crisp shifting and braking performance. The R8020 disc brakes provide great modulation and adjustability- even the smallest hands will find these brakes easy to reach and use. 
The DT Swiss P1800 Spline wheelset are solid and durable, designed to put up with years of daily training. The Grand Prix 4000 tires provide a smooth ride quality and reliable all around performance. We would have liked to see carbon or at least tubeless-ready wheelset at this price point, but most riders looking at the S5 will have race-specific wheels that can easily add a few watts of speed to the bike while shaving more than a pound of weight. In short, we recommend using these stock wheels as a training set. 
Areas of Concern: There is little to not love about the 2019 Cervelo S5 Disc if you're a road bike racer. This is a no-compromise road race bike platform, and any rider looking at this bike should know that this bike is designed for road racing and training in every way. A consideration is the complexity of the build- which is ultimately a small price to pay for this level of technology and integration. Watch our build video above- this bike is ultimately no problem for our head mechanic with 20+ years of experience, but it's probably more than any home mechanic would want to tackle on their won.
Finally, it is time consuming to change stem length. Once your bike is built, a stem change will require changing all shift and brake cables. We'll handle all of this at the point of purchase, but anticipate extra time to dial in your fit/position. Once this is all handled, you will have a beautiful and fast race bike that will be the envy of every other rider. 
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